The BETTER YOUR BESTTM (BYB) Curriculum is a mental performance system that complements your technical training and is an indispensable component for anyone seeking success in any field.


October 6-8

November 3-5

December 1-3

50 hours (5 BYB 2-hour sessions + 40 hours of application and training)


18 hours (15 hours in a 2.5 day weekend + 3, 1-hour follow-up sessions)


10 hours (5 BYB 2-hour sessions)

$1,000.00 $500.00


Our BYB curriculum incorporates 5 sessions built around the BYB Foundation, to help you gain an understanding of your strengths and opportunities within the five elements (Courage, Adventure Mindset, Forward Focus, Authenticity, Connectedness). The comprehensive evaluation summarizes your results in the following areas — Perfectionism, Sensation Seeking, Awareness, Leadership, Authenticity, Courage, Hardiness, Intuition, Positive/Negative Affect and Values — and shares the results of our elite baseline for comparison. After you receive an in-depth summary of your assessment, you will embark on an experiential learning path of self-discovery that will cement the key components of each element. While many of our activities are designed to challenge your mindset and inspire a forward focus in your actual performance arena, we have found that experiences that take you away from the comfort of your primary performance arena are great opportunities to understand how you respond to unique situations by encouraging natural innovation and creativity. Our use of horses as an emotional mirror has been praised by participants as amazing a-ha moments of truth. We give insight into personal leadership through an archery experience that clarifies the steps to taking charge of your journey. Golf putting and darts zone in on YOUR forward focus patterns that serve YOUR performance and rise above distractions and discomfort. Neurofeedback (brain) training teaches you the skill of getting into the zone at will. All of these learning experiences are summarized and applied in YOUR performance arena during the final session.


In the Performer program, you receive the BYB Foundation which includes five 2-hour experiential sessions.

Time Investment: 10 hours (5 BYB 2-hour sessions)


In the Elite Weekend, you receive a comprehensive 2.5-day program that includes the BYB Foundation plus the opportunity to apply what you learn in your performance field. You can expect to leave the weekend session fully aware of your opportunities for improvement and will have had the chance to apply these learnings in the company of a trained BYB facilitator. (Includes drinks, snacks, two lunches, an Opti Neurofeedback Training Session, and a discounted price on the Opti Software Subscription with Muse.)

Time Investment: 18 hours (15 hours in a 2.5 day weekend + 3, 1-hour follow-up sessions)


The Champion program includes the BYB Foundation (either in 5 separate sessions or as a comprehensive weekend) and is enhanced by an additional 40 hours of application and training.  These additional sessions can be delivered in person or via Video Conference and are designed to follow up on the application of the concepts of BYB as well as provide practice plans, goal setting strategies and exercises to Better Your BestTM performance. These sessions can be customized to your needs. (Includes Opti Neurofeedback Training and an Opti Software Subscription with Muse headband, apps and training program.)

Time Investment: 50 hours (5 BYB 2-hour sessions + 40 hours of application and training)