Opti Brain In Motion Collection

Opti Brain App

Opti Brain uses the Muse brain sensing headband to record you brain activity. It can be beneficially to record your brain activity while you are performing a specific motion or sequence of motions. In your performance optimization specifically it is beneficial to record your usual movement routine immediately before the peak of your performance. For example, if sports is your performance outlet, record your brain activity during the routine leading up to: putting a golf ball, throwing a free throw, shooting an arrow, hitting a baseball, etc.

In Motion Collection Steps

Opti Brain Mobile App Introduction and Set Up

Opti Brain App

Opti Brain is a mobile app (currently available on iOS devices) produced by Opti Brain to help you collect, look at and interpret your brain activity. It connect wirelessly with the Muse brain sensing headband produced by Interaxon to connect with your brain. The Muse headband records your brain activity and sends it to your Opti Brain app during 2 to 60 second time intervals. You can then map and interpret any brain data collection you record using Opti Brain.

Opti Brain/Muse Headband Setup